March 11, 1977


June 18, 1998


We love you forever Phil

You are forever in our hearts!!




Happy, religious, caring, loving, unique, passion for music (Jimmy Buffett, Old Blue Eyes, Swing), funny, outgoing, desire, creative, smiling, entrepreneur, friendly, special.

Unforgettable,……………… MY BEST FRIEND!

  I love you Phil,

Thank you much.

Craig Wilson


The memory of Phil's laugh and beautiful smile I will hold forever in my heart.

Jennifer Phillips



To Mad Dawg, Phil Cunnagin:

I wish I had a chance to talk to you again, but I don’t so I am writing this down. The dawgs and you meant and mean everything to me. If you didn’t know how much you were loved, I do and I hope you know that I loved you and always will.


Your friend,

Lucky Dawg (Shaun Spiros)



About Phil –

Solid gold. Will never be replaced. My partner and best friend. For the rest of my life I will strive to be like him. Loved by all. Hated by none. It seemed like when I would come around and be in a great mood, it was like he had been waiting for me. And he will always live inside of me. And everything I stand for. Love, fun, family, life, and most of all, honesty.

Love always,

Kosta "Bull Dawg" Mattis



Phil Cunnagin (Mad Dawg) –

Thirteen years ago, Phillip Wayne Cunnagin, Jr. stepped into my life, and with his arrival, an everlasting friendship began. Reminiscing about Phil involves a multitude of memories, from Grease Lightning to Sunday nights at Stormins. Through our friendship, Phil showed me new experiences such as our times at the stilthouse, gigging for stingrays, snorkeling for scallops, watching spectacular fireworks, and even gashing my foot open on an oyster bed. Bubba’s Ghetto Shack also provides fond memories, which include achieving the Board with Matt, Ross and Craig from the infamous " V ". I enjoyed my first church event by attending Midnight Mass with Phil and his family. Each moment that I have spent with Phil is unique. All, However, share one common theme: Phil’s Charismatic Personality.

Phil's charm is evident in his undeniable grin and compassionate nature. To write about Phil and all his positive virtues could be a never ending venture. To summarize everything, Phil is a magnanimous friend and will always remain sacred in my heart.

With much love and sympathy,

Jason L. Sybert ( Stunt Dawg )



Phil was like my brother. All the times I shared with him I will cherish forever. Whether we were eight years old on the soccer field, making home movies at fifteen or out at the stilthouse. Every moment was filled with laughter. If you had never met Phillip Cunnagin, Jr, I would tell you he was a one of a kind to say the least. He was a man full of ideas, charisma, and innovation.

Phil and I once planned and plotted our coarse to sail around the world and it would have been done. His big heart, big smile and unique sense of humor will forever be missed. And the world will truly not be the same without him.


I love you Phil

Matt Butler



In Memory Of My Best Friend Phil, I Loved Him As If He Were My Brother.

My first memory of Phil was in 5th grade, I remember telling him how "cool" his Big Bertha model rocket was. In true Phil style his was the biggest one there, and painted fluorescent colors. The last memory I have of him was driving home with him from the Board of Realtors, and again, in true Phil style he told me how much he liked the girl he met there. All the memories that fall between could fill a book, but the most important memory he left me with is not something I did with him, it is the memory of his personality, who he was, and the things that made him Phil Cunnagin, Jr.

I remember when I was younger, someone told me that you know a friend is really a your friend if they want to be with you just for your company, not only when you are doing something fun. I remember a birthday of mine, I think it was my 18th – I invited all of my friends to my house for a small party, but my parents were there, and being that all my friends were in High School, it really wasn’t "cool" to have a party with parents there. Phil came though and sat down and ate with me and my parents. We had a whole spread of food and it was just us four sitting there, and I was thankful that I had Phil for a friend, a true friend.


Rudy Silva





No one will ever know what Phil meant to me! He was the most terrific, kind, gentle, loving, romantic, funny guy in the world. I have so many awesome memories of him that I will keep in my heart forever! We could talk to each other about absolutely anything. We had so many secrets between each other that only we knew and no one else ever will!

The night before the accident, the two of us sat on my parent’s back porch until about 1 o’clock in the morning just talking about anything and everything. He was telling me how he was gonna fix his house up and how he was gonna buy an "English Bulldog" as a companion. Someday he was gonna meet "A Beautiful Baby"(for those of you who don’t know what that means, a beautiful woman), get married and have a family of his own. He was anxious to go ahead and get his Brokers license so he could someday soon take over my dads position at the office.

On Wednesday the office was quiet and for the most part it was Phil and I together the whole day. Besides taking care of business, he did his usual act of entertaining me when nobody else was around. In other words, as most of you know, his own personal style of dancing – just to see what kind of reaction he could get from you.

I look back to that night and that day, and I will CHERISH that forever and ever!!!


My family "THE CUNNAGINS" has always been a tight, close-nit family. We were not 5 people – we were "1"!! For Kat, mom, dad, and myself, life will go on and we will still be "1" but there will always be one thing missing – "PHIL".

As for Kat and I, it will be more difficult than anyone, even our parents, to understand. From the time we were little up to this very day, we have always been a Threesome. Nothing can ever take his place!

I know Phil is in our hearts forever, but it will never ever be the same!!

What I am most thankful for right now is that this past Memorial Day weekend, the 5 of us spent with each other at the stilthouse! Just the 5 of us!!! It was the first time in a while that we could relax and enjoy each other without the phone ringing or friends pulling us away. It is one weekend we will never forget!!


The last time I saw my brother was on Wednesday night at Wal-Mart. He had met me, Kat and my mom there and he was gonna get some goodies for his house. He looked so handsome. He had a fresh tan, which made his beautiful hazel eyes shine even brighter. When he left, he kissed my mom goodnight, told her that he loved her and that he would see her in the morning. That was the last time I saw my brother and that is how I will always remember him! Beautiful, handsome, tan, sexy, funny, and so much more!!!





Phil –


I just wanted to tell you that I will miss you more than anything! You were the best brother a girl could ever have! I thank you for all of the great memories and I will treasure them until the day I die! You meant the world to me. I will miss our talks about your girls and my guys. I will miss your smile. I will miss your eyes. I will miss your silly antics. I will miss your "Dancing Baby". I will miss your laugh, your "Southpark" imitations and everything else about you! I will miss confiding my secrets and personal thoughts to you. Phil, I love you so much. Life will be so different without you here. It will never be the same without seeing your handsome, smiling face everyday. You will always be in my heart forever and ever!!


I love you forever!

Your sister


PS As you always said, YOU WERE DEFINITELY MONEY!!!



Phil –


There is nothing for me to say. You always know how I feel. You know what I think. I know you are always with me. I love you.

Your sister & Beautiful Baby,


PS You’re so money!!!




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